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Snorkeling : Only about 10 ft.  out on the beach to the right is one of the  best snorkeling spots on the island. Go straight out a ways , another  reef will appear.

Left of the bay is an interesting swim, the reef is better north of bay, but over the years the whole bay is filling in with reefs! This bay is  the easiest snorkeling beach entrance I have ever experienced, no reefs to dodge.

Small kids: I have a special boogie board with a viewing mask. If you want, put on a  little life jacket on them. Put your  snorkel equipment on, put them on the board, tell them to spread their legs and do not kick. This way you both can  view fish at the same time! Great fun. (warning : please don't go in  ocean if waves are too big)

 Crater Rim Hike : Early morning or before sunset, is the best time for this hike.

Wear good tennis shoes or hiking boots. The rocks are rugged. Bring water ,  hats and maybe a snack. Go south along beach, the last  house on oceanfront is a pathway heading up. Stay close to ocean following trail to rim. It is about 25 minutes one  way, unless you hike down into the crater. Awesome hike.

Black Sand Beach : To hike here is about 15-20 minutes. Go right in front of my house on the trail. When the trail looks like it ends with rocks, take a left to a trail that takes you to the beach, or go to right of the bay, you will see a 2nd beach, about 5 min., (my special meditation spot) , above this beach is a trail that takes you to the secret beach, just follow the  path to a secluded beach in  paradise. Pack a lunch and water. Wear a hat. Bring snorkel equipment .  Swim with the turtles.

Kayak ing : Bring the life jackets, hats, water ,and  put a lot of suntan lotion on. Best to go early morning. Put front  person in first, stay away from the sides of kayaks going in, or waves  can knock you down.  Watch waves and wait for a break, push kayak in  water, other person jumps in, then row fast in unison. Away you go!

Either way has awesome views, go north maybe first time. Remember you have to  paddle back, so don't go until your exhausted. Coming back, row to  center of bay.

If you would like to kayak more during your stay, there  is a little cave at top of beach that you  can leave kayaks. Please bring paddles and life jackets back to house.

Kayak to Black Sand Beach: Pack black trash bags with beach towels, lunch, and snorkel equipment.  Bungee cord them tightly to kayak. Kayak north about 15 -20 minutes until you see the 3rd beach. Head in towards the middle of beach fast.

Fishing: Would you like to take a fishing excursion  leaving just off my Pebble Beach? Contact Laure atlaremc@verizon.net



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