For the one of Finest Dining Spots on the Island


 Check out our fabulous menu options below.

Menus from Gluten Free to any desires


My guests wrote: I'm returning next year just for the food!

Or lets have a camp fire!


We can arrange a cookout on the beach or just roast marshmallows in the back yard.



Pancakes, eggs, French Toast, Oatmeal, Huevos Rancherous, Loco Mocos

Scones, island fruits & yogurt


Tacos, burritos, quesadilla, falafels, hamburgers or veggie burgers, egg, avocado or tuna wraps, lau laus, soup & salads


Indian delights, local fish with with ginger, or lemon or coconut sauce, Scallop salad, Shepherd pie, Pesto pasta, & baked chicken


We can have healthy snacks available for your guests. Fruits, nuts, health bars, celery with almond butter. We are always up for suggestions.

Create Your own Menus

We are open to all your dietary needs. I myself have a gluten problem, so am a expert on the no gluten. I was vegetarian for a decade too.  

Other Options

Your more than welcome to have your guests prepare there own meals and clean up. This can give a time to bond together.